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Sales Staff, Sales Reps & Account Managers

If you are seeking employment as a sales representative then you are a person with a strong character who has the ability to persuade people into making informed decisions regarding products and services. You help them understand the product or service so that they can decide whether it will work for them or not.

We are looking for candidates for the following positions:


Sales Officers


Sales Managers


Account Managers


Business Development Managers


Sales Coordinator

What can Labour Hire Services do for sales staff, sales reps and account managers?

Sales representatives usually have to work with a team where they are required to meet the goals of the team and also ensure that their individual targets are achieved.

This means that you must have complete understanding about the product or service that you are going to sell so that you can help your clients decide whether the product or service will be suitable for them or not.

At Labour Hire Services, we are committed to providing candidates with employment opportunities they find rewarding. Sales is often considered a challenging task, so if you are looking for work in this field then we would like to help you obtain a job in an organization that will be able to best utilise your selling skills.