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Event staff

Event management is the work of creative and innovative minds who love to make occasions memorable and special for their clients.

If you are looking for work in the field of event management then you should have an inherent ability to work relentlessly towards providing fabulous ideas and creative ways in which your clients can celebrate an occasion.

We are seeking candidates for the following positions:


Event setup workers


Events Management Assistant


Fork Lift Operators


Senior Administration


Event Coordinators

What can Labour Hire Services do for event management staff?

Event Management teams are important for the success of events held either by business organisations or by families. Those who are seeking employment in event management companies should understand the varied needs of the job and ensure that they can work well under pressure, making quick decisions as situations occur.

Clients rely on you to make events successful and memorable. In order to achieve this, you have to patiently understand the client’s requirements, be willing to share your ideas and help them understand how you can give form to their ideas.

Labour Hire Services is committed to providing you placements that are rewarding and that match your skill set so that you enjoy your work and are able to find a sense of fulfilment in your employment.