The client visit & job specification

Meeting with you to learn about your business, and discuss the details of your current staffing needs, the specific details covered regarding the position description are the skills and experience required, the core competencies required, outcomes required in the position as well as the personality and the team fit. 

Candidate search and selection 

Reviewing profiles and suitability of candidates that we are currently working with, as well as those that w worked with in the past, the use of multi channel communication to attract both active and passive cand from the current market, including;


Our extensive network of candidates; established and grown since 1980


Social media platforms; linkedin, facebook and twitter


Internet job boards


Candidate referral program


Write and post an online job ad if required. 

Candidate interview 

Face to face meeting with potential candidates to discuss the role and determine their suitability for it. If be we invite our clients to join the final interview panel or make a choice from a selected final list of cand or we make the choice to fit the criteria given. 

Skills testing 

Skills and computer testing done with candidates as required and maintenance of an extensive skills ma database ensuring that our candidates have up-to-date licences and certificates. 

Reference checks 

A minimum of two detailed work history reference checks are conducted.  

Managing the process 

Communicating with both the client and candidate throughout the entire recruitment process.  

Once an employee is on board 

Post placement service; regular scheduled follow ups with both the client and the candidate to ensure everything goes well. 

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